Hi, I’m a digital designer based in London. I am experienced in layout, animation, UI design and integrated design.

See my most recent work here: http://www.trevorwells.com/trevorwellsportfolio01
and here: http://www.trevorwells.com/trevorwellsportfolio02


  • Marmalade 2D Kit Editor UI

2D Kit Editor – UI design

Marmalade Technologies is a mobile games design studio and software development company. The 2D Kit Editor was developed as part of their suite of software applications to enable games designers and developers to create UI layouts for their games and apps. Find out more


  • Marmalade Technologies website

Marmalade Technologies website

The main Marmalade marketing website promotes the SDK and contains detailed technical information about the software. It also promotes developer incentive offers. See designs.


Animated rocket

Triggered by vertical scrolling, the animation is a whimsical representation of the Marmalade software workflow: author, deploy and manage. See the detailed design process.


  • Sci-fi cockpit demo theme for 2D Kit Editor

Sci-fi cockpit demo theme

This demo theme was created using the 2D Kit Editor software ready to show for GDC (Games Development Conference) 2016 in San Francisco. iPad and Windows tablet versions were displayed on the Marmalade exhibition stand to demonstrate features of the 2D Kit as a competitive games development UI tool.


  • Marmalade Game Studio website concept

Marmalade Game Studio website concept

A fun and airy design with a narrative that runs through the website sections. See the walkthrough boards


  • Future Heat smart heating app

FutureHeat smart heating app

This concept started out as an animated demo app for GDC (Games Developer Conference) 2016. Further development continues…

Comic book and video reader

For Hasbro Arcade I designed a comic book and video reader. The reader apps are linked from an animated carousel.

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